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      Here is The Book Wranglers' 4-Star Review of Falling In Love.

    January 11, 2013
    4 Stars
    By The Book Wrangler

    When I started this story I had an idea of what it would be about, or at least I thought I did. I made an assumption that it would somehow be lighthearted and the typical erotic romance with the typical ending. God have I ever been so wrong. I won't do the displeasure of adding all the fun and crazy gifs to such a serious book, it wouldn't do it justice. But I will attempt to give a short synopsis from my view point along with the best and the worse parts about the story. Sherry Johnson tells her story to a trusted writer in hopes that it may help someone else, to open people's eyes to addiction or maybe she did it to relieve herself of everything she went through and continues to be challenged by everyday.​

    Sherry falls in love, often. Actually she falls in love many times throughout her life and has left a trails of tears, humiliated partners and memories, unexplainable situations and unbelievable outcomes behind. Most of her sexual encounters left me feelings rung out dry and with a horrible hangover until the next huge mistake. ​

    [I absolutely hate having to witness/read train wrecks]. When the story starts she’s is balling her eyes out and driving down the highway (running away from one of the first humiliating situations we read about). When the car dies on the side of the road and Paul the tow guy comes to help, but Sherry knows immediately things will end badly. The attraction she has toward Paul will leave nothing but destruction behind when it’s over. It doesn’t take much for Paul to convince Sherry to hang around town and work for him (he’s a lawyer full time). When she decides to stay Sherry finds herself daydreaming about a life with Paul, the only problem is that she can’t seem to block out the urge to go satisfy her ‘itch’. She soon realizes that despite her nightly adventures in town, she’s fallen on love with Paul. Against her own warning signs and Paul's own questions of fidelity, Paul proposes and she accepts. Of course like many times before all of her bad decisions and past excursions come crashing back when Paul confirms that she hasn't been faithful, but instead has slept with half of the town. It’s not hard to guess what happens next. Paul sends Sherry packing and while running away she misjudges the highway and crashes her car leaving her in a coma.

    After a short blip in recovery and a very short attempt at getting Paul back, Sherry is left once again devastated and she decides to continue her travels to New York in search of her moms best friend Elaine. She sets up shop finding a new apartment with Elaine's friend Gregory and a temp position in an upscale law firm courtesy of a new friend, Dede. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for Sherry to fall into her old habits and wake up in a strange beds with fuzzy heads and memories. This happens one to many times until she is let go of her first temp position. Once she lands her next significant position with another prestigious law firm again courtesy of Dede, she decides she can’t screw this one up. She struggles to stay sober but the pressures of work and her personal life get the best of her she ends her work with Adam.​

    ​It isn't until she starts attending AA meetings with Elaine that she begins to admit that she has a problem. Dipping into the candy dish (dating a fellow AA member) doesn’t prove successful either so Sherry sets out for the challenge of her life–– NO SEX WITH ANYONE INCLUDING HERSELF for as long as possible. To help pass time she works longer hours, learns more about her mom’s past, and even stumbles into soccer, her LIFESAVER. Sherry’s life doesn’t really change until she meets and becomes a part of a prominent soccer team in New York. The ladies of this team challenge Sherry at every end to be the best, not give up, and work hard for the win. They also provide Sherry with one of the most important things she needs right now, A LOVING A SUPPORTIVE NETWORK.

    Although challenging at times, Sherry was able to meet her goal of no sex, confront her past with her mom, continue with her AA meetings, hold on to her job as a Legal Assistant, and learn to live a little without over doing it.

    The Best Thing:
    The best and worse part of this book is that it's base off of true events. Again, I had an extremely difficult time getting past the first few major struggles that Sherry shares, so much so I didn't know if I could finish the book. (But again that’s because I hate reading about train wrecks that seem to have no happy ending.)

    Wait for it...I had a heart-on-sleeve moment, I couldn’t believe how invested I became in this story. I really wanted Sherry to become a better person, to fight the urge to go out and sleep around. I stopped waiting for the next horrible thing to take place and anticipated when she would turn her life around. While I do not fully understand addiction from firsthand experience, I can understand that her past relationship with her mom (or without) and her relationship with her Uncle probably had a huge impact into how Sherry viewed herself and the relationships she had.

    I think Sherry’s story is one that shows all readers that we must first love ourselves before others can love us or before we can love them. Sharing her story will not only open minds to the reality of addiction, but the road to recovery. I think it was very brave of her to share something so personal and painful.

    The Worst Thing:
    I hated sitting on the edge of my seat, hold my nook tightly waiting for Sherry to make another terrible mistake. I would have loved to read more about what, if any, did Sherry find out about her father. Why didn’t she go into detail about growing up more, was it not relevant to her?
    I hope that Stephen Bradlee will have another interview with her where she’ll discuss more of her past and how things turned out for her future with Paul and Elaine.

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