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      Here is Bex 'N' Books Reviewer Kati's Review of Falling In Love.
    January 19, 2013

    From the word go, I was intrigued with this book, Falling in Love, as it is based on a true story. This story pulls you in and takes you on this journey with Sherry, the cravings of love and how she sought it out.

    It is not an easy ride for the character and you can't help but to feel Sherry's pain as she seeks the love she was denied growing up. Then she meets Paul and she believes it is love, but her addiction to sex destroys their love and again she is alone and faced with the addiction that is controlling and destroying her life.

    This is not an erotica story, it is one that shows what an addiction can do to ones life. it is a breathtaking story of heartache, and a very intense read for the reader. Falling in Love is a raw story that takes you into a world you have never known. It tears at your heart strings and will leave you wanting to cry alongside the main character.

    As you can tell, this book is an emotional roller coaster for both the characters and the reader and will leave you realizing there are more addictions out there than just drugs or alcohol. They are all very real and very destructive; the lack of love and the need to feel whole can consume ones soul if nobody is there to help.

    I give this book a five, but that number seems too low to do it justice. This book is a must read for anybody 18+!

    Disclosure: This book was received for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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